The AMSA Chapter at UC Merced prides itself in being an involved and participative organization both on and off campus. We thus have formed committees to facilitate our efforts in improving healthcare delivery and healthcare education to all people. These committees are led by a committee chair who are responsible for organizing, operating and effectively leading committee members. 

Spanish Medical Spanish Terminology Club

The purpose of this committee is to expand and coordinate events where AMSA members can educate others about Spanish medical terms used in hospital settings. We would also soon like to branch out to the local community and educate them through workshops. Finally, we would like to eventually start an initiative for members to serve hospitals through shadowing opportunities - where members can communicate in Spanish with patients.

AMSA Members at their CHFI trip to Argentina

AMSA Members at their CHFI trip to Argentina


The purpose of our committee is to offer AMSA members an experience abroad in which they can participate in global health programs. Students can work in a variety of health-promoting projects in both public health and clinical settings. They will learn more about the health field while immersing themselves in the cultures of the countries they visit. AMSA does this through a partnership with Child Family Health International (CFHI), as the website states, CFHI is "CFHI's 30+ programs in 10 countries connect students with local health professionals and community leaders transforming perspectives about self, global health, and healing." Learn more at CFHI.org