President’s Message


I am grateful for the privilege to serve as the President of AMSA at the University of California, Merced for the 2018-2019 academic year.  As an organization that is committed to bettering the potential of our members as they prepare for their future in the field of medicine, our Executive Board has been planning multiple events to help our members achieve their full potential.

The Executive Board has already begun planning events that will give you the opportunity to network with other pre-health professionals and health professionals, engage in community service, improve their professionalism, create close bonds with other members in this organization, and much more.  In addition, with our many local and national partnerships we provide our members with scholarship opportunities and many large company discounts that will further allow them to pursue their ultimate goal-to become a licensed, practicing health professional.  

However, our organization is only as great as the members who participate and put time into the organization.  It is my wish that you actively participate in this organization so that you will receive all the benefits our organization has to provide to you.  I am really excited for this semester, and I look forward to watching you all take the steps toward your future goals and aspirations. 


Eric Lebish