Awards Overview

During the academic year, AMSA recognizes members for their dynamic leadership, service, and member excellence. Awards are broken into 4 areas that include:


Member of the Month Award

Members can be nominated by other AMSA members, the leadership team, or self nomination. Have somebody in mind? Nominate them!

Nomination form

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Membership Tier Awards

Members who reach the established membership criteria are awarded at the end of each semester. 


AMSA Fall 2019 Study Hours


Distinguished Leader Award*

Awarded at AMSA Annual Banquet to a member who has reached gold membership for 2 consecutive semesters.


The Presidents Member of the Year Award*

Awarded to a member selected by the current president for demonstrating outstanding dedication and contribution to AMSA at UC Merced.  

Previous Winners:

Eric Lebish 2016 - 2017

Kyle Rekedal 2017-2018