General Meeting 1: 9/5/18

Membership and Finance:


  • Study Hours start today, schedule can be found under Members Center

  • AMSA’s library has several books to checkout, just fill out the form!

Upcoming Events:

Our Next Meeting:

  • Wednesday, September 19th

  • 6:30PM - 8:00PM

  • COB 105

  • Professional attire is recommended

  • Dr. Boggs will be speaking about his career and his experiences

General Meeting 2: 9/19/18

Membership and Finance:

  • Fill out AMSA National application and pay $75 dues *discount code:*

  • Fill out local chapter application and pay $50 chapter dues

    • Deadline is 3rd General Meeting on October 3rd!!

    • Inman Gilmore Scholarship

      • Deadline is September 25th at 11:59PM

  • Membership Tiers: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Basic

  • Sign up for Remind if you haven’t already


  • MSAR will be available soon

  • Go to study hours

  • Must be a member to checkout books

Upcoming Events:

General Meeting 3: 10/3/18

Membership and Finances:

  • Last call for dues

    • If you have any questions or concerns please email our VP Finance Patricia Sandoval at

Upcoming Events:

  • Chipotle Fundraiser on Oct. 29th at 5pm

    • Tabling on Scholar’s Lane will be 10/25, 10/26, 10/29

  • Tzu Chi (UCSF Med Students will be there)

  • Mercy

    • Date: Wed Nov. 14

    • 6-7 pm California Room

    • Informational meeting on campus looking for volunteers for IP, ED, and Pharm

    • No Seniors or Freshman

  • ECEC Day

    • Date: TBD

    • Planning in progress - depending on interest

    • Pre-school classes, bring AMSA breathing equipment

  • Carnival of Pink

    • Late October

    • TBA @ next meeting

  • Local General Surgeon

    • Office location: G Street

    • If you would like to shadow him please contact him via email:

    • Follow him on IG: @justageneralsurgeon

  • PhD Nadav Ahituv

    • Presenting his research on “gene regulatory elements and their relationship to human diversity and disease”

    • Undergrad research opportunities at UCSF

    • Grad School application process at UCSF

    • Friday, October 5th at 11am in COB 263

  • UC Davis Medical School Tour: Saturday, October 13th 10am-11:30am

  • First come first serve basis and form will be released soon for UC Davis Medical School tour

  • Membership Retreat will be coming up soon! More information to be released later.

General Meeting 4:



  • CFHI: Argentina trip this winter, if you want to learn more on how to get involved and possibly go next winter please message Kyle at

  • Relay for Life: fundraising and planning starts now, but the actual event will be next semester (April), if you wan to learn more, or have any questions please message Sydney at


  • The above mentioned committees will be having fundraisers, details to be announced soon!!

  • Chipotle Fundraiser: Monday 10/29 5pm-7pm

President Updates:

Tzu Chi Form Needs Updating

  • For those who completed the form to participate in Tzu Chi Dental Clinic, please go back on and add your emergency information


Director of Outreach Updates:


Fresno Bully Rescue*

  • College Smart College Possible*

*See me for more off campus opportunities*

Director of Education Updates:

  • We have the MSAR now, come to any officer’s study hours to check it out!

  • Minor change to study hour schedule

  • If you have any concerns regarding study hours please contact Safuwra Wizzard.

General Meeting 5: 10/31/18

Airway Management was a success! Thank you everyone for coming!

  • Director of Outreach

    • Mercy Medical Center Volunteer Meeting

      • Looking for 2nd and 3rd years

      • Different positions:

        • Emergency Department (ED - ask Eric)

        • InPatient (IP - ask me)

        • Pharm

      • INFORMATIONAL meeting

        • Talks about program

          • What they are looking for

        • Different positions

      • How to apply - deadlines

      • *I will be able to get you the information from the meeting if you want to be able to attend our general meeting!*

    • REMINDER: Please fill out CSH form! Otherwise I cannot count your hours.

      • I only count hours w/o CSH form for events held by AMSA that have a sign in/out sheet

      • Ex: Grad Fair, Carnival of Pink

  • VP Finance

    • Thank you to everyone for supporting the Chipotle Fundraiser

    • AMSA t-shirts are being processed, we will have them soon!

  • VP Membership

    • Catlife is updated

    • Add us on Facebook at AMSA at UCM

    • Come to our Executive board meetings and give input on what you want to see in AMSA!