Why Become a Member of AMSA at UC Merced?


Thousands of students enter college as pre-meds, but few graduate as such, with even fewer being admitted to a respective medical program. It is surely not an easy journey, but AMSA at UC Merced hopes to change that. We want to be a mechanism through which you can achieve your medical dreams. We offer study hours and tutoring, mentorship programs, speaker series, volunteer opportunities, and a support system through it all. Not to mention countless benefits through national membership, like health and car insurance, hotel or car rental discounts, or discounts on nearly all things Kaplan. 

How To become a member

1. Become a national amsa member. You will need to pay a one time $75 membership fee that lasts for 5 years. Be sure to select the pre-med membership type. Here is the link: National Membership

Note: There is currently a discount code available that will reduce the national fee to $50. The promo code is KTPSAVE25

2. Complete the Local Membership Application. This will provide us with you contact info, shirt size, and interests so we can better cater to your needs. Here is the link: Local Membership  

3. Pay local dues to Vice President of Finance, Tatiana Abdulnour in person at general meetings or by appointment via cash or check (made out to UC Regents). Spring semester local dues are $10 for returning members who paid $30 in the fall and $20 for new members. The deadline to pay local dues is March 7th. Exceeding the dues deadline will result in a $5.00 late fee.

Have a question regarding membership? Email Vice President of Membership Brian Freeman at amsaucm.vpm@gmail.com